Our Mission

We are committed to giving you more reasons to be DELIGHTED BY life,
whether it’s through our desserts or our heart-centered company values.

In 2015, our founder, Makenzie, with a background in Holistic Nutrition & Culinary, went
to Sedona to wrap up a huge year of personal transformation. She had a question in her heart:

What is my purpose?

She received a simple yet profound message from a voice deep within. ‘’Your  purpose is to spread your glitter.”

She realized then that it’s not about what she DOES in life, but how she does it. Makenzie knew then that she was going to stop focusing on the hustle and grind of life, and more on being a light for others in the world.

Upon returning home to Phoenix, Makenzie blissfully integrated this message by getting into the kitchen.

She began making her special dessert she’d previously invented for fun to take a superbowl party.  As she was making it, she had an intuitive knowing that this product would be one way she would spread her glitter in the world.

In just one short week, she launched her product in Arizona farmers’ markets. She held a big vision that she would launch the first dessert of its kind to national shelves. She set out to do so, allowing nothing to stop her. She was guided by her intuition every step of the way, and has had incredible experiences, including living in a van for 4 months while sleeping on coolers of her dessert to drive from store to store in promotion of her product.

Now DELIGHTED BY is a nationally recognized brand, and Makenzie continues to do business in a way that honors her deep personal values and that, she hopes, helps spread glitter to people and families all around. 

DELIGHTED BY has been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, LIVE with Kelly, and hundreds of international articles including Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, and The New York Times.


We’re dedicated to greening our company in order to have a better impact on the environment. In pursuit of this goal, we aim to be fully transparent about our business practices and our efforts toward constant improvement.