Are DB Desserts vegan & gluten free?

Yes, all of DELIGHTED BY Desserts are certified vegan & gluten-free.

Where can I find DB Desserts?

You can locate our desserts in various stores nation-wide. Check out our store locator and enter your zip code to locate a store near you! We are working on expanding rapidly so we apologize if we aren't in your area yet! Stay tuned on our social media for updates.

What part of the store are DB Desserts in?

Our desserts can be found in various locations in the grocery store. Usually, they are stocked in the hummus cold case, but sometimes they are in the refrigerated plant-based snacks and dessert section!

How should I eat your desserts?

Our desserts are made to enjoy as a dip, spread or with a spoon! We recommend dipping them with fruit, pretzels or graham crackers. You can get creative and spread it on rice cakes, pancakes, and more. Our favorite way to enjoy is just with a simple spoon.