The Heart
of DB



We are committed to giving you more reasons to be DELIGHTED BY life, whether it’s through our plant-based desserts or our heart-centered company values.


Approaching business consciously with People and Planet in mind Exuding excellence in everything we do Authentic communication within the team and all of our partners in business Heart-centered relationships
Service-oriented leadership Work-life balance Maintaining calm nervous systems Embracing positivity and having FUN!


Sourcing clean, all-natural ingredients Encouraging an open-door communication policy
Enforcing mutual respect and a zero gossip policy Offering team members personal and professional development opportunities Monthly team bonding and building experiences
A dynamic, remote work environment allowing our team to be with their families more and have a deeper sense of work-life balance Offsetting our carbon emissions

Business with Heart

DELIGHTED BY was created by our founder, Makenzie, after a transformational journey that led her to discover her true purpose rooted in humble service.

Makenzie has set out to pioneer a completely new paradigm of business, utilizing DB as a template for what true heart-centered business can look like. Learn more about Makenzie and her work here.

To us, Conscious business is much more than a triple bottom line. It is the small and big decisions that happen behind the scenes. It is rooted in deep, authentic relationships. And it is connected to something bigger than us, with service being at the forefront so that we can leave the world better than we found it for generations to come.


We are currently working on alternative packaging solutions like glass or ceramic for our products. This is a BIG change that requires the installation of an entirely new production line at our manufacturing facility. We have a goal of replacing our current packaging by 2022.


We are on a mission to source all ingredients as responsibly as possible. We are always exploring various methods of farming that are better for our planet and that are in alignment with fair-trade ethics. We are also extremely strict about using NON-gmo ingredients across the board.

Company Practices
and Carbon

DELIGHTED BY is a virtual organization. Check out this article for the environmentally friendly aspects of virtual work. We use digital assets wherever possible. We don’t have printed business cards, for instance. We send digital versions of paperwork versus print and if we do, ensure it’s on recycled paper with earth-friendly ink.

DELIGHTED BY has partnered with Carbonfund in an effort to offset the total carbon that we as a company produce annually. We chose Forestry for our offset project. Our participation in the Carbonfree Partner Program goes directly to projects that focus on re-forestry in areas that have been heavily impacted by agricultural and industrial activity.


DELIGHTED BY aims to continue to refine the New Way of business
by inviting sustainability into an industry that is renowned for negative
impact on our planet.

The more minds we have behind the pursuit of a healthy planet, the more quickly we will see positive change.